Evolving as a Christian and a Local Pastor

I am taking a class at Duke for The United Methodist Church’s Course of Study.  We were asked if we journaled as a part of our spiritual disciplines.  I had set up a WordPress account a while back, but did not follow-up with it.  So, here I go – journaling again, and if anyone reads it, I’m sure they will be bored, but this is for me mostly.  Thoughts from my perspective.  Here goes nothing…


Memory Tricks

I bought a set of CDs called Million Dollar Memory. I listened to most of them yesterday, and I realized that just like my body, my memory is going to take exercise to stay healthy. I also realized that I have lost some of my imagination that I had when I was younger by not letting it run free. The premise of this memory “system” is to turn the ordinary into a vivid picture that you won’t forget. Interesting, but I think it will take some practice to see if it works, or to see if spending time thinking about a list of things and twisting the things I want to remember into an unforgettable images in order to remember them will take more time than writing them down.

I have conquered my weight problem with daily exercise. Now I have to conquer my mind problem. It seems like there is a lot to work on in this life. Not to mention our sin problems and our pride problems, which must be conquered daily too. One day at a time, sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking from you!
Till later,

Yes! It is Tuesday again! I love Tuesdays because it is my day to visit my shut-ins. The two ladies I visit are two bright spots in my life.

Sylvia is 92 years old. She has had a good life in the country. She grew up in a family of 8 children. She shares stories about life in the day when the preacher came once a month. He would come on Saturday night and stay in a bedroom in their home which was off-limits to the kids all the time. We Methodists would have called him a “Circuit Rider”. She told me that the preacher would come from about 30 miles away. He would come in a carriage which was a luxury for the kids when he gave them a ride across the street to church in the winter. But most of the time, the horses for all the church members were put in their barn during church, and then people walked to church.

Stories of a simpler life where people lived and worked together, taking responsibility for themselves and one another have helped me remember that the most important thing is relationships.

Tuesdays are the days that my congregation thinks I am sacrificing to go and see the shut-ins, but little do they know the good that the shut-ins do for me. When I go home on Tuesday I hug my husband, and relax in a way that the rest of the week doesn’t let me.

Maybe it would be a good thing if everyone who was hurried and stressed, like me, who often forget that the tasks will always be there, but the people won’t, would make a standing appointment with one or two people who lack human contact. We can be lonely in our busyness, while others who can’t get around anymore are just plain lonely. It seems like a no-brained for me.

Blessing on you today,
Pastor Deb

Hi, I’m new here

When I found someone elses blog I found WordPress.com.  This seems pretty cool – so I’ll try it.  I don’t know if I have anything interesting to say, but I do have a lot to think about, and maybe you will want to think about it with me.

I am leaving the “Welcome” stuff below – because I want to get the links – I’ll change this post later…







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